Best cross-country moving services

Whether you’re looking to hire a full-service moving company or would instead rent a moving container for a DIY relocation, we’ve outlined everything you’ll need to know and learn here.

  • Who our best cross-country movers are
  • How to plan your cross-country move
  • What your relocation should typically cost

However, cross-country moving services are even still categorized, and this is what affects the fees. Long distance moves in the USA can be either “Intrastate” or “Interstate.”

Interstate long-distance or cross-country moving services

As the name implies, this cross-country moving service is that which occurs when the moving company transports the client’s goods from one state to another. These types of journeys are long-duration journeys. Hence the cross-country movers are entitled to receive more money.

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, cross-country movers are paid $4,300 for an approximate 1,225 miles distance.

The Recommend characteristics for the best cross-country moving services

The best cross-country moving services must receive high marks for their customer satisfaction and attention. You’ll be afforded excellent service and care with the mover from pick-up to drop-off.

Pros and Cons of the best cross-country moving services


  • Available across the U.S. and in 180 other countries
  • Their customer service features heavily in positive reviews
  • They must offer One month of free storage included in moves


  • Limited locations in the U.S.
  • Brokers out many of its American moves

Services Offered by the best cross-country moving services.

The best moving services can offer the following primary and add-on services. Depending on your location, these offerings could vary.

  • Local, long-distance, and international moving
  • Packing services
  • Unpacking
  • Storage services (short-term and long-term)
  • Custom crating for fragile items
  • Debris removal
  • Auto Transport
  • Piano moving
  • Air and ocean freight


The moving company services are gaining more popularity and public adoption. However, without considering a compromise, users who are well aware of the significance of only the best mover service providers. This awareness would urge moving services to maintain the quality service delivery- which is essential for these services.


What does moving across the country mean?

A cross the country means across the countryside or not following tracks or roads.

How much would a moving company charge move you?

Pricing for moving goods differs and is affected by several factors. These factors may include mileage distance, supply and demand rates for moving services at a particular period, type of moving company involved, etcetera.

How early must I make a booking at the moving company?

Moving companies may require that you make a booking for as long as four or five months- during the peak moving periods, while two or three weeks may do when service demand is low.

How long would it take the moving company to move your goods?

Usually, moving times have been calculated by professionals based on the size of the containing room. A one-bedroom apartment is estimated to take about 2 hours of moving time. In contrast, a two-bedroom apartment could take up to 3-5 hours, 7 hours for a four-bedroom flat, and so on.

What is the easiest way to cross country?

The easiest way to rent a portable moving container is a good choice in place of using full-service movers as it is also cheap.

How much does a moving company in the USA charge for long-distance travel?

Long distance moving is not just the type to take a ship on without adequate planning and preparations. The moving company considers this when issuing your bill, and you can expect to pay more if you go from one end to another.

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