Best long distance moving services

Best long distance moving services

Many people only think of long-distance moving companies as movers who show up on a moving day, load your belongings onto a truck and transport your belongings to your new home. Today, however, full-service long-distance moving companies offer more options than ever, including the following:

The following is a brief list of services available to you through us.


Whether you need to pack everything or just the most fragile items, most long-distance moving companies offer your needed services. Hiring movers will mean unpacking and being ready to live in a day, not weeks or months.

Having your moving company handle the packing and unpacking often also means less opportunity for valuables to be damaged. Professionals know how to pack and move items that may seem impossible to you.


In your current home, you need anything large and bulky – including waterbeds, swings, furniture, etc. –to be taken apart and reassembled in a new location. It takes the stress out of thinking about assembling and disassembling large items and can improve your overall moving experience.

Short-term and long-term storage.

Ask your moving company if they provide short-term or portable storage for your belongings while you wait. Or it would help if you had a more permanent storage solution. If this is the case, many of the best long-distance moving companies have storage services for rent or at least have affiliations with reputable storage facilities.

Custom crate.

Some things just won’t fit in a traditional box because they’re too big, fragile, or oddly shaped. Find a moving company that can offer shipping services like framed artwork, sculptures, or electronic equipment. The company will pick up your items and ensure they are packed to withstand the move.

Loading Unloading:

The essential part of moving is how the company loads your belongings onto the truck. Finding a moving company that can adequately load your belongings and do all the loading and unloading for you is vital. Everyone offers, but some moving and storage services force you to load things, and you can’t ensure the safety of your belongings like the professionals can.


Whatever your needs, we want to go the extra mile to serve you during your move. With years of experience, we’ve helped thousands of customers make a successful move by offering services like those listed above.


How much do long-distance movers average cost?

Long-distance moves (from one state to another) cost an average of $4,300 at an average weight of 7,400 pounds and a distance of 1,225 miles.

How much are long-distance movers for a one bedroom?

Long-distance moving for a one-bedroom apartment starts at $1,600 for 500 miles. Add in packing services and movers’ insurance, and we estimate the number to climb to $1,900.

How much do movers get tipped?

 You would tip 10% of the total cost of the move. For example, if you plan to spend $2,000 on your move, you can tip between $200 and $250 and split it evenly among the team helping you with your move.

What is the role of drivers?

A driver’s primary responsibility is safely transporting cargo or passengers from one location to another. They must follow traffic regulations and navigate correctly while ensuring enough gas in the tank to reach the destination.

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