residential and commercial moving services

residential and commercial moving services

Smaller moves often require special considerations, such as moving your belongings to/from small tight spaces, multiple flights of stairs, and dedicated parking spaces. We have years of experience in the industry, making your move easy, hassle-free and stress-free.

What’s included when you book residential or commercial removals with us:

Personal moving coordinator

A move coordinator helps oversee logistics during a move to another location. We can fulfill your duties for an office or business or work with homeowners moving to a new house. A move coordinator, also known as a relocation coordinator, helps transport equipment and belongings to a new location.

Our responsibilities include creating a plan for setting up and furnishing a new home or office. We will take care of setting up the IT system, provide other services, design the furniture layout, and, if necessary, purchase additional equipment and facilities.

Free offer and consultation

Free estimates are much more than just telling you how much your move will cost. We tailor each estimate to your specific needs and ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Your estimate will include:

  • Consultation at your place or by phone according to your choice
  • Exact moving schedule and timeline for your moving days
  • Planned driving route according to your preferences
  • A detailed explanation of our rates
  • Each customer will also receive information on various aspects of the move. Loading, transportation and unloading of household goods.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of your furniture pieces

Moving large wall units, sofas, couches and headboards through doorways, staircases, and balconies can be challenging. No guarantee they won’t get damaged, especially if you’re trying to move their whole.

Our trained team will carefully disassemble your furniture into several smaller pieces rather than risk damage trying to move something significant. Once the item arrives at its new home, it is reassembled in its new location, mitigating risk and keeping personal belongings the same way they were found. Our furniture assembly service covers the following items.


We are experienced in handling different styles of couches and sofas regardless of the material they are upholstered in.


Bookcases take up a lot of space in trucks and are easier to transport when disassembled.


Tables can’t always fit through doors, which can be solved by removing their legs.

File cabinets

Large office cabinets are cumbersome. Their drawers should be emptied and removed for shipping.

Tips on how to disassemble furniture yourself

  • You have a lot of ziplock bags.
  • Find out which pieces of furniture need to be dismantled.
  • Measure large furniture to make sure it will fit in the moving truck.
  • Gather your tools.
  • Read the Disassembly Instructions.
  • Find the disassembly points.

Complete value protection (unless waived)

When you move, two levels of coverage are available through your mover: Full replacement value protection and the option to opt-out of complete protection, where you still have some protection, but not much.

If your belongings are damaged at the end of the (moving) day, you have the right to compensation for these damages. All moving companies must take responsibility for the value of all household goods they transport. However, your choice of valuation could very well be the difference between getting $6 compensation for a broken lamp or getting it fixed, but in the end, it’s up to you.

Rearranging furniture

Handling large and heavy pieces when rearranging furniture can be uncomfortable and dangerous if you require a quality furniture rearrangement service for your home or commercial premises.

Our furniture rearranging services include:

  • Disassembly and reassembly
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Loading and unloading

Whether you’re renovating your home or need help organizing furniture after moving, our furniture moving and rearranging service will make the process convenient and worry-free.


How much should moving cost?

According to residential and commercial moving services, a local move (within your state) costs an average of $2,300 for four movers at $200 an hour.

What is the average weight of a three-bedroom house?

This figure applies to an average weight of 7,400 pounds, the approximate contents of a three-bedroom house. This number includes packaging and other essential services.

How much should a local move cost?

According to residential and commercial moving services, moving a one-bedroom apartment costs about $300 to $500 for two men, a truck, and a three- to five-hour move at $100 an hour.

What are examples of small load movement?

Here are some examples:

One bedroom apartment

Moving a small office

Moving to/from college/university

Moving large pieces of furniture

Help your loved ones move into an assisted living facility

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